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Private Currency Exchange

Private Currency Exchange

Quick and Effective Solutions For You Or Your Client's Currency Needs. We Offer a Private Currency Exchange, With Over 30 Currencies Including the G7, USD, CAD, EURO, GBP, JPY, RMB & Others.

Private Currency Exchanges Made Easy
1st tranche in 48 to 72 hours


SBLC Financing can help introduce you or your Client to a Private Currency Exchange service that caters to both high wealth Clients and Businesses. Minimum entry contract for the services is 50M.

We give the same attention to all transaction, no matter what size. The private financial services we have access to, are tailored to the unique needs of each entry, ensuring the desired results and maximized results. Our Currency Exchange Bank, who we can cause introduction to, remains on the cutting edge of Currency trends. They are well-informed and continually adapt to the ever-changing world of currency.

Our Word

We treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We provide efficient currency exchange services that achieve remarkable results. Our typical transaction begins after introduction and then between 48 to 72 hours after that. If you can answer these questions, “YES” we can move forward.

To bring a transaction to our Intake Coordinator of the Currency Exchange Bank you or your Client needs to answer these questions.

1) Is this a real company or buyer and do you know his name and contact information?
2) Does he have funds on deposit ready to exchange?
3) Does he have control of the funds?
4) Is he prepared to provide POF?
5) Is he ready to tranche the next business day?

Unless all answers are yes there is nothing to discuss. We will not set up the introduction because it will be a waste of time for everyone.

The Real Deal

The Private Currency Exchange bank’s consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We use cutting edge technologies to ensure up to the minute information from the financial world. This allows us to respond quickly, and give you the results you and your principal (buyer) desire.

With 36 Currencies including the G7 and our ability to do 1260 Exchange Combinations for you or your Client, why look anywhere else.


Our Private Currency Exchange is simple, just understand it does not matter what currency your Provider is looking for, the buyer will move first, and we don't do MT103 or MT799. That's brokers not knowing what their doing.

They will only do Bank Swift to Bank Swift or Blue-Screen. The buyer will show capability to do first tranche of 50M for up to 50b or 500m for larger than 50b.

These things must be stressed. If after reading the below information and understanding what we do and you want to move forward, let us know, and we will set up the call to start the process.

This is a Private Currency Exchange for Buyer Provider.

1. OUR Exchange bank is a Fed Licensed Private Exchange Bank. NOTE: IF the BUYER is not Fed Approved it will take a little longer for completion of this transaction. Due Diligence will be completed quickly. Normal process is less than a week from document submission to tranching!

Procedure: BANK SWIFT TO BANK SWIFT. Blue Screen, Gray Screen, Green Screen, MT103 are all BS Deals in the Private Currency Exchanges eyes.

Discount: Each currency is different and that info is between the Buyer and the Exchange Bank and based on the days currency market.


2. Our Private Currency Exchage Bank does not use anyone else's contracts, as IT'S ISSUED DIRECT FROM THE BANK to the BUYER.

3. There are two documents that are required to begin any transaction with Private Currency Exchange bank: CIS, and FPA. This must be done on THE BUYERS letter head which needs to be provided upon request IF the BUYER wants to move forward. We are direct to the BANK'S INTAKE COORDINATOR, and there is no one between us and him.

4. Once the documentation is completed, and the Buyer can answer “YES” to all the questions above the CIS and FPA will be sent to Bank Intake Coordinator via the SBLC Financing Team. From there the Intake Coordinator will follow with phone call to the Principle or Company for verification. Once the introductory verification phone call has been completed, DD will be done, AND IF ALL IS IN ORDER, the contract will be prepared, and sent to the BUYER for review and signature.

5. These documents will have a life period of 72 hours from the time stamp of receipt.

6. The BUYER PROVIDER will move FIRST WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Come on now, you don't walk into a bank and they had you cash and THEN you hand them a check... it does not work this way. The Exchanger always move last.

NOTE: Before the documents are submitted, please make sure the phone numbers and emails are correct and working. Also, make sure the BUYER is ready to receive the call. The BUYER will be duly informed as to who will be calling after the package is accepted. Lastly, please let us know when you are submitting your paperwork, if a translator is required. If the BUYER does not speak English THE BUYER needs to retain the services of a translator. The BUYER is seeking our services they need to communicate with us in English.

The Broker Loop

We don’t want to be stuck in a broker loop said the Intake Coordinator. So here is the situation.

We are the one with the fed clearance and accounts to exchange 1260 currency combinations. We can also do something else the BUYER can not; we send and receive the fed wire (swift) in our name.
We are the exchanger not the BUYER. We set the protocol and contract not the BUYER or their Banker. If they or their banker could do what we can do they would not need us.

Here Is The Next Step.

I need to have a principal to principal conversation with the BUYER. This is when I interview the BUYER and make a decision if I will allow them to apply for our services.

Start The Process Now!

Private Currency Exchange Request Form

1) Is this a real company or buyer and do you know his name and contact information?


2) Does he have funds on deposit ready to exchange?


3) Does he have control of the funds?


4) Is he prepared to provide POF?


5) Is he ready to tranche the next business day?


Buyer First Name:

Buyer Last Name:

Buyer Gender:

Company Name:


Business Phone:
Example: + 1- 723-777-5555

Cell Phone:
Example: + 1-723-777-5555




Submitter First Name:

Submitter Last Name:

Submitter Phone Number:

Submitter Email:


Currency You Have:

Currency You Want:

Transaction Size You Want:

Desired First Tranche:

Subsequent Tranches:

Consultant Fees:

Settlement Mode:

Comments / Concerns:


This website is not intended as a solicitation to customers in any jurisdiction in which we are not authorized to operate. We are not Certified Financial Advisors, Securities Brokers or Stock Brokers. We are business consultants and intermediaries who provide advice to private individuals on or about business matters. The information presented is not in anyway considered or intended to be a solicitation of funds and is intended only as general knowledge. Please understand that the contemplated transaction(s) is strictly private and in no way relates to the United States securities act of 1933 (THE"ACT")  or related regulations and does not involve the sale of registered securities. This transaction(s) are private and exempt from the act. Please be aware that any disclosure, photo copying, distribution or use of the contents of this information is prohibited.

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