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Factoring Service Explained

How to Get Financing When Banks Have Stopped Lending...

One of the biggest challenges that the owners of small and mid size businesses have is waiting 30 to 60 days to get paid on their invoices.

While large businesses can usually afford to wait, small and mid size businesses often cannot. As a matter of fact, waiting to get paid on their invoices, usually effects managements' ability to meet payroll or meet other company obligations. This can be even more frustrating if the business has a number of orders that it cannot fill because cash is tied in unpaid invoices.

How can factoring help you?

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable factoring, is a financial tool that allows companies to capitalize on the power of their slow paying invoices. It enables them to convert their invoices into immediate cash, allowing them to fund their business operations. Invoices from strong credit-worthy commercial clients are excellent collateral, especially to factors. Although most banks aren't interested in accounts receivable - invoice factoring companies are focused on providing financing based upon them. This makes it an ideal financing vehicle for small and mid size businesses.

How does factoring work?

As opposed to most banks that lend against collateral, invoice factoring companies buy invoices (the collateral) outright. The factoring company that buys invoices provides funds immediately, while they wait to get paid by your client’s customers. Perhaps, this transaction is best described with an example:

1. Assume that your business sells products/services to Company A and Company B. As soon as they provide their services, they issue invoices.

2. At the same time, you send copies of the invoices to the factoring company, who purchases them and provides an advance payment for them.

3. The factoring company waits to get paid by your customers… Once paid, any remaining funds are sent back to the company.

The invoice factoring process can be repeated for every invoice issued, providing a flexible line of financing that grows with the business.

How much will a factor advance my business?

The factoring transaction is commonly done as a two-installment sale. The first installment is called the advance and is paid to as soon as the invoices are submitted... Advances can range anywhere from 60% on the low end up to 90%. The average advance is about 75% (for the industry). The final installment, called the rebate, is sent to you once the invoice is paid.

The cost of invoice factoring

The cost of invoice factoring is determined on three criteria:

1.     The credit worthiness of your customers.

2.     The length of time your invoices take to get paid.

3.     The monthly factored volume. Your cost, actually called a discount in the industry, can be as low as 1.5% or as high as 12%, per transaction depending on these criteria.

How can I determine if invoice factoring will help my business?

Generally speaking, invoice factoring will help you if you have a business that has reasonable profit margins or is growing quickly. Mid size companies with 20% or more profit margins or large companies with 15% profit margins can usually do well with accounts receivable factoring. An additional advantage of invoice factoring is that it does not require owners to give up equity - enabling them to grow their company without diluting ownership.

CLOSING: Typically under two weeks from initial contact to funding.

AUDIT REQUIREMENTS: None. No certified financial statement required. No audit by investor of financial performance.

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: Performance guarantee by principals to deliver conforming goods and proper services to customers is required.

PERSONAL GUARANTEE: None, investor assumes the credit risk of nonpayment.

ADVANCE RATE: Up to 75%.

COLLATERAL: UCC filing on all assets. (Will subordinate or release on assets other than Account Receivables to allow for funding from other sources.)

FACTORING TERM: Generally two (2) years.

RATES: Typically 2.5% of the face value of the purchased invoices for each month that account receivable is outstanding. No other fees charged either on the dollars outstanding or for the facility.

FACTORING/SALES VOLUME: Annual factoring volume of $1,000,000- $50,000,000.

CLIENT PROFILE: Investor will provide factoring to a broad array of industries with good quality receivables.


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• Bridge Financing
• Financing Working Capital Needs
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