Commercial Hard Money Lending

Commercial Hard Money Lending

Commercial Hard Money Lending available for US and International Projects ...Were NOT BROKERS. But we will work with mortgage brokers. GET THE STORY, GET THE INFORMATION AND GET PAID!


(Over 40 Global Locations) International Funding up 90% LTV...

Start up Projects Welcome. We don't waste your time on deals that cannot close.

"Outline of our (90%) Funding Program
$10 Million to $1 Billion"

*No Upfront Fees and 'In-Principle' decision within days – typically 3-6 business days

*90% Financing

*All Fees paid by Lender and not from borrowings

*Fixed Rate = 8%

*No Pre-Payment Penalty

*Interest Reserves up to 3 yrs

*Proof of Funds for 10% (Minimum of € 1 million Euros) must be a recent Bank Statement

*Application to full funding completed in 8 weeks, or better....

Also ...Bridge Loans and Income producing Properties from $100k to $50 million....


Please contact Our Consulting Group to see if you're Projects Qualifies for our programs at: commercialhardmoneypro@gmail.com

Bridge Loan Program

Hard Money Commercial Bridge Lending Criteria & Rates

Apply for a Hard Money Loan

The rates are anywhere from 10-18% Interest Only, from six months out to five years, with no pre-payment penalty and only a minimum of the first six payments are due before refinancing.

We are work direct for our private, hard money lenders on commercial properties and any residential investment properties containing five units or more. Our Private lenders will lend in all of North America, South America, the Caribbean, as well as most of Europe and South Africa. We fund, but are not limited to, the following property types:

* Raw Land
* Construction
* Acquisition & Development
* Apartment Complexes
* Industrial / Warehouses
* Rehab / Renovation
* Multi-Unit Development
* Investment Properties Bridge Loans
* Foreclosure Bailouts
* Cash-Out Refinance
* Hospitality Industry
* Specialty Properties
* Golf Courses / Recreational Facilities
* Blanket Loans
* Subdivision Construction

Our Application Process

Please feel free to email us any time to set up a time to discuss your deal.

Broker or clients please write a quick summary in simple terms of what the Project is about and email it to us with you full contact information.

We in turn will follow up with a call, and a package will follow.

We will need after call:
Completed Submission Form -Bridge Loan Application-
Completed Submission Form -Large Project Application-
Broker needs to sign -NCNDA-
Client needs to sign -NCNDA-

No Major Underwriting

Commercial US and International Lending (Over 40 Locations Global )

Funding Projects when other Can't...Contact Us

It will be necessary for us work directly with the client while we prequalify the project and the principal. This initial contact will generally occur 48-72 hours after the Pr-Q forms have been submitted for our review, at which time the client and our group may wish to go over the project and field any questions they they may have.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Our goal is to serve you in a timely and professional manner. All requests are confidential.

Please send request for funding at: commercialhardmoneypro@gmail.com

Please send us your full contact information with a couple call times between 9am-5pm EST.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Our goal is to serve you in a timely and professional manner. All requests are confidential.

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