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SBLC Financing / Commercial Loan
Funding on any Real Estate
or Business Venture of $10 million or more.
We need projects to fund!

SBLC Financing will offer Funding on just about any project of $10 million or more.

SBLC Financing needs projects to invest in. That's where you come in. We work with Principle Partner(s) and or the Developers and some Brokers. We will provide you with the SBLC Financing you need for your project. Or we will find a Non-Conventional outlet to get the job done.


Here is an example of how the SBLC Financing Team can work for you:

"The Collateral Loan"

SBLC Financing offers "The Collateral Loan Program", commonly called the “CD PROGRAM”, is an established system of financing that uses traditional banking mechanisms as its fundamental components. The result is a stable structure that procures 100% monetary instrument collateral for project financing. Using a well calculated and balanced approach, the program provides highly competitive benefits and profits to all participants.

A CD/MTN (Certificate of Deposit/ Medium Term Note) is merely a financial instrument that is backed by cash, and is freely transferable. The general structure of using the CD/MTN as a collateral instrument has existed for 50 years.

Naturally, there are many firms and brokers who have used or attempted to use CD/MTN instruments as collateral in one way or another.

Some professional firms have been successful, but many inexperienced intermediary brokers have failed. The SBLC Financing Team has been one of the successful ones.

The “Program” itself is a mechanism of structuring third party collateral into the loan or funding package for project financing. Since this structure must be implemented through a series of complex legal contracts between multiple participants in the transaction, the CD/MTN Program must be managed by a licensed law firm.

The particular group of Providers and their investors who we work with have specialized in the system for over 20 years. The providers and investors are required by contract to participate in the program for a minimum of 5 years, so it is a well established system with reliable participants.

The “No Interest Loan Program” is one of the fastest systems for capital loans, using collateral from a third party investor, because the investor provides collateral by means of a “deposit” to purchase a “Certificate of deposit” (CD), the investor is called a “Depositor”. The end result of the transaction is the equivalent of an “interest free” loan (from the point of view of the client) in most cases, where the Client repays only a discounted amount of Capital, with minimal risk and maximum benefit to both the bank and the company.

The primary function of the structure is to procure collateral from a third party at a “discount”, and arrange for it to be paid for by the Borrower Company from the loan funds at the time of closing.

The collateral program is for projects that require a long start up period before launching.

This program offers a deferment period ranging from 1-3 years. During the period of deferment, the Borrower/Company does not have to pay any interest or minimum payments. This is true even if your project is capable of repaying the loan (of any amount) in full within 3-4 years after launching.

The result of the structure is that Borrower receives a net amount of capital that it needs to implement its project at a cost lower than a traditional loan, the Depositor receives immediate repayment of the collateral plus profits, and the bank receives full collateral backing of the total principal amount of the loan.

The ability of the structure to reliably generate a “win-win-win” transaction for all participants is made possible by the fact that the CD/MTN instrument used as collateral doubles in value over a 10 year period. This increase in value from maturity of the CD/MTN makes it possible to provide real and tangible benefits for all parties to the transaction.

All other expense s related to structuring the loan and procuring the collateral are added to the amount of the loan, to ensure that they are paid from the loan at closing.

Depositors are multinational corporations and consortiums of trusts and pension funds, which have billions of dollars in liquid assets. They have contractual and legal obligations to make these funds work for maximum profits. For such capital resources, direct investment in projects is too “high risk”, too “low return”, and too much time to wait. Accordingly, they categorically refuse to finance actual projects or invest funds directly, as a matter of principle and policy.

Instead, Depositors accomplish their goals through purchasing collateral for use in loan transactions. Within about 24 hours, with no risk whatsoever, the Depositor receives 50% of its money back in “cash”, plus the “interest certificates” of the CD/MTN as repayment of the other 50%, which Depositor then sells to a pre-arranged “exit purchaser” for a profit.

If this kind of program is what you are looking for we will need you to download this (PDF) file, read it and if you like what you see call us.

Collateral Loan (PDF File)
This is a PDF file and you will need a PDF Reader.

OR...Look at a "Private Placement Program" (PPP)
Self-Fund your project where others fail.

Show cash, investor capital or an instrument i.e. SBLC, BG, MTN from a Top 25 Bank with an (A), (AA) or (AAA) Rated Bank that can be verified and we can become very creative and can move quickly and cause introduction to the Program Manager who can help you self-fund your project.

This is called a (Private Placement Program (PPP). Utilizing an SBLC, BG or MTN and a Trade Desk could increase your money substantially every week. It's as simple as…. the more you have to invest, the faster the funding process.

Monetize Instruments

Monetize your instrument for cash. Monetize your instrument and trade. We will monetize any real cash backed instrument or just about any SKR. We will take in: SBLC, BG, MTN, T-Bills, T-Notes or T-Strips etc.


And...Hard assets...

This is a great program for anyone that may have hard assets. We will help take in just about any hard asset, i.e. Museum Quality Gems, Art, Gold, Diamonds, Mining Assets with SKR's and of course Bank Instruments. We like to see insurance wraps in most cases but not all. This program will allow you to take a stagnant asset and make money with it through a trade platform program. It’s a great way to make money to fund projects or generate additional income. The asset has to be free and clear, not leased and we will do a background check to make sure they are real.

We will need to know where the SKR is from... If it is in the USA and in The New York Depository or the Sarasota Vault they will be good to go. If not they might have to be moved. Once we view the SKR we can check on the ability to trade the asset.

Who we are...

The SBLC Financing Team is a Direct Conduit to Private Lenders, Banks and Trade Groups Worldwide. We arrange private money loans for Raw Land, Joint Venture/ Equity Funding, Green projects, Bridge Loans, Industrial Properties, Unusual Properties and more.

We have access to Hard Money, Private Money, Hedge Fund, PPP, and Commercial Joint Equity Venture programs.

We are looking for serious inquires only.

All projects must be a minimum of $150 million with no high limit on size.

No projects which are associated with pornography.

We Lend Worldwide, But No Countries With Dictatorships And Or A Threat Against The USA

For more information on SBLC Financing or to submit your project to the SBLC Financing Team:



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